Truth is One

[Baut Images: Oneness]

“Truth is one–cannot be otherwise, because existence is a universe, it is not a ‘mulitiverse.’ It is one. It is glued together. It is a togetherness. It is a cosmos. That which keeps the universe together is what we call truth, or Tao, or God. Tao is not a person; neither is God a person, but a unity that runs through everything, like a thread running through a garland. The universe is not a heap of things, separate, individual, like islands. No, the universe is one, together, and some thread keeps it together…it is not falling apart. That which keeps it together is what we call God, Tao.” Osho

Carl Sagan


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☮ "If we are going to survive, and progress, as a species, it can only happen by all of us working together for the mutual benefit of all people, and the planet! ☮
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