道 Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, Change Your World!

‘Card X’ or ‘Change’ from the Osho Zen Tarot deck

| Challenging Times |

We live in challenging times, with many people feeling ‘powerless’ in a world filled with wealthy oil barons, banksters, CEO’s, wallstreeters, celebrities, tricksters, snake oil salesmen, and who knows what else?

We see before us a still beautiful planet, but it is continually being exploited and abused at the hand of humankind. Chemicals, toxins, poisons and nuclear radiation are being released into our world’s air, land and water, and this once pristine planet is having it’s life compromised by greedy and self-absorbed individuals. On September 5, 2012, it was reported that Hurricane Isaac washed up tar balls and oiled animals out of the Gulf of Mexico, and onto Louisiana beaches, and the message of a polluted gulf still confronts us.

People, in general, are consuming food and beverages that are harmful to their health and well-being, as well as using room and clothes fresheners that are reported to also have negative effects on the human body.

Besides all of the contaminants that we are forced to deal with in our world, we are also faced with misinformation, distortion, and outright lies from many of our leaders, and politicians. ‘Smoke and mirrors’ has become the game of the day, in a world gone money and power mad!

It seems almost futile to try and make our world better, especially when we hear about another species of plant or animal becoming extinct, Agent Orange being used in South America to clear land of vegetation, water contamination caused from fracking, or a new virus.

It is not easy to be stable and rational, in a world that seems to have gone insane, but somehow, some individuals do. In fact, some people seem to be able to just wade through all the muck and mire that’s around, maintain a good attitude, and actually make a positive difference in people’s lives and the planet. How is this possible? Here are some thoughts on this.

| Change Your Mind |

Start looking around and see what’s really going on in the world, from a different perspective, and that perspective is: realizing that thoughts and words have a lot of power, energy, and vibration contained within them.  Christopher Grayce, PhD writes:

“It is the pattern of the electrical bursts of the neurons that constitute thought,
along with chemical changes in each neuron that account for memory,
learning, personality and other slowly-changing brain behavior.”

From Grayce we can see there is, indeed, a vibrational, and/or energetic manifestation occurring in one’s brain when one is thinking, not to mention the vibrational aspect of speaking, which can be measured and seen on an oscilloscope.

“If we understand the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely.
If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost
anything negative. In our own thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses
and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys in our hearts. We can replace negative with positive.” Bettie Eadie

However, I must say, that scrutinizing our thoughts and words is not an easy task, not easy at all. Why? Because we all have established patterns, which may have been with us since birth. Especially, when there are also possible ‘triggers‘ that may set one off, in something that we may see, hear, read, or experience.

Many of the ancient wisdom teachings warn, “Be careful of what you think and speak,” because what we think or speak may have a definite ‘vibrational’ influence on someone or something. An ancient Chinese proverb adds to this by saying, “Do not speak unless you can improve upon silence.”

“Never forget. Each of your words is like a feather in the wind.
Once spoken, no amount of effort, regardless how heartfelt or sincere,
can ever return them to your mouth. Choose your words well
and guard them most of all in the presence of those you love.”

Author Unknown (via Beth Winter)

So, the first step, is “change your mind!” This is accomplished by reframing how and what we think, what we say, what we write, and how we act. No easy task, but we have to start somewhere.

As Koichi Tohei-sensei writes:

“Cast aside the pessimism that holds that regardless of how much one individual may try, the great forces of the world do not change. If only one person becomes a better man, or woman, the universal is at least better by that one person. One little light can light ten thousand, which can become the power that illuminates the world. To create a better world we must start with ourselves.”

| Change Your Life |

In changing one’s mind, the process is set into motion for one to change one’s life. There is no fast track in any of this, and by doing our ‘homework,’ one step at a time, we may evolve mentally, spiritually, and, yes, even physically.

Part of our ‘homework,’ and it is work, in changing our life is to learn to be grounded amidst all the chaos and confusion that permeates our world. “Being grounded is being very, very aware of what is happening to us in the present…Being grounded is a very, very difficult task because we have an egoic mind that likes to take us into the future of ‘What If’s’ and into the past of should of, could of, would of.”

Amongst the various wisdom teachings of today, one that is quite important comes from Mikao Usui-sensei who developed a path to enlightenment based on the use of Ki, or energy. In his teachings he set forth principles that might assist seekers on their path, especially in the study of Rei-ki. Reiki as originally taught by Usui-sensei was a path to enlightenment, and has since been modified in the West, into healing practice.

Usui Reiki Principles
(A literal translation from the Japanese)

The Secret Method of Inviting Blessings.
The spiritual Medicine of Many Illnesses.

For today only, anger not, worry not.
Be Grateful and humble.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to all.

In the morning and at night,
With hands held in prayer,
Chant this with your mouth.

The Usui Reiki Method
To change your mind and body for the better.

Rei-Ki can be seen as two Japanese words, Rei (or universal) Ki (energy), and commonly defined as universal life force energy. I prefer a definition by a Reiki teacher, who defines it as, “The indwelling God is extending through your hands, and is anointing others with the benediction of His eternal blessing.”

Mindfulness is another way to change one’s life, and this is accomplished by practicing and focusing on staying in the moment. As Matthew Tull, PhD says, it is “…being completely in touch with and aware of the present moment!” This is definitely a way to change one’s life, and being aware opens many doors of consciousness!

Therefore, by being grounded, practicing Usui-sensei’s principles, and practicing mindfulness we can indeed change our life, and our world! There are also other techniques that are useful in this process, so the one’s presented are only the beginning.

change your mind + change your life = change your world

| Change Your World |

All of what has gone before comes down to one thing, and that thing is, by developing a positive attitude we can definitely have a change of mindset, which may change one’s life, and in-turn change our perspective of the world, and the events going on in it.

Yes, there are dreadful things occurring, but the the theme here is to wake-up, and become aware, so that we can collectively make a positive difference in our life and world. Remember the quote of Koichi Tohei-sensei earlier,

“Cast aside the pessimism that holds that regardless of how much one individual may try, the great forces of the world do not change. If only one person becomes a better man, or woman, the universal is at least better by that one person. One little light can light ten thousand, which can become the power that illuminates the world. To create a better world we must start with ourselves.”

Does this mean that we stop signing petitions and contacting our elected officials when we see problems? No! Does this mean that we don’t bring ‘truth’ to light in our posts and articles? Not at all! Does this mean that we don’t participate in progressive and forward thinking groups? Most certainly not!

As we change our mind and life, others will notice, and as they notice we can share our awareness with them, and again, as Koichi Tohei-sensei days, “One little light can light ten thousand!”

Be that light!
And you can change the world!

 © 2012 Roger Allen Baut


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☮ "If we are going to survive, and progress, as a species, it can only happen by all of us working together for the mutual benefit of all people, and the planet! ☮
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6 Responses to 道 Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, Change Your World!

  1. tashtoo says:

    Roger…the depth of thought prompted from my quick read makes me realize this is one post that should not be read at work! Wonderful…but so much more. I’ll dive deeper once released from my chains…just wanted you to know…this is awesome! What a light you are 🙂


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment Natasha! I sincerely appreciate your views and perspectives, and am so pleased you resonated to it.

      I’m designating this blog to be primarily one to really share useful and credible information with others on their path. Thanks again! Roger ☺



  2. Roger, you have challenged me to rethink my thinking. I spend too much time reacting to what I hear and read instead of processing it before I speak. Thanks for your insight!


    • chasingtao1 says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Susie and leaving your thoughts! I really appreciate it. Glad you liked it and that it gave you some things to consider. It’s not easy, even for me to stay ‘centered’ and ‘grounded’ with all that’s going on. For me, it is one step at a time, traveling the pathless path. Hopefully, we can all support each other on this journey. I have designated this WordPress as a repository for information to assist us on the path. Thanks again, Roger ☺


  3. Love it! So many great insights! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It fits in perfectly with the spiritual path I am on right now.


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